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WINGUARDIAN Co. Ltd. is a secretarial and PR company helping people and businesses to lead effortlessly, in whatever they do, by handling the clutter and strenuous aspects of their lives and jobs for them. We work as partners and secretaries to our clients, understand their unique perspectives and goals, and set forth to help them achieve as much as they desire. Our Services are listed below.

The company, conceived in 2019 to meet the needs of its founder and first client, and the many prestigious ones thereafter, officially started in December 2020; registered under the Companies Act, 2019 (Act 992) of Ghana. It comprises an experienced team of legal, media and business professionals who know exactly what you need. We pride ourselves in not only the quality of our service but how accessible we are to anyone at all on a quest for excellence, with an urge to do more. Talk to us today, discover our magic and friendship.


Writing & Documentation

Business Registrations

Company Secretary

Virtual/Private Assistance

Handling communications (calls, emails, letters), coordination, scheduling, organisation, and routine or repetitive tasks for Personal, Administrative (Office) or Business (Sales) needs; Remote or In-Person

Public Relations


Recommendation and Managed Access to:


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A company secretary is the most senior administrative officer of a company, and requires tact to ensure a company observes and implements all legal, financial and internal requirements and expectations of the company, and for the smooth coordination of activities of the board… We help you relax, and focus on growth.


We have a beautiful bond with our clients

They choose us as much as we choose them


An Indefatigable Management

Committed to Ensuring Work Gets Done

Rose Kwakye

Client Service & Marketing

Salisu Yakubu

Chief Secretary

Stephen Umborebe


Isaac Jonah


Eugene Gyamfi

Communications Sec.

Ewurama Cudjoe

Business Sec.

Noella Hayford

PR & Media Sec.

Michael Sackey

Partnerships Sec.