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WINGUARDIAN Co. Ltd. is a secretarial and PR company helping people and businesses lead effortlessly, in whatever they do, by handling the clutter and strenuous aspects of their lives and jobs for them. We work as partners and secretaries to our clients, understand their unique perspectives and goals, and set forth to help them achieve as much as they desire. Our Services are listed below.

The company, conceived in 2019 to meet the needs of its founder and first client, and the many prestigious ones thereafter, officially started in December 2020; registered under the Companies Act, 2019 (Act 992) of Ghana. It comprises an experienced team of legal, media and business professionals and entrepreneurs who know exactly what you need. We pride ourselves in not only the quality of our service but how accessible we are to anyone at all on a quest for excellence, with an urge to do more. Talk to us today, discover our magic and friendship.

Our Goal is to be your ultimate Business Assistant

Helping everywhere from plan preparation to business formation and management in all its respects ...if we can’t assist you with anything directly, we’ll connect you to reliable solutions.



Writing & Presentation

Registrations & Setups

Company Secretarial

Virtual & Private Assistance

For Marketing, Admin or Personal needs, via:

PR & Social Media Mgt.

Agent Services

  • Accounting, Audit & Legal Services
  • Branding & Media Services
  • Other Consultants & Services


Let's get straight to work

Tell us what you need help with. We're expecting your call or message, right this minute.


The relationships we build with entrepreneurs matter more

That’s why you’ll find our prices incredibly generous. Our services are offered at cost with no exorbitant profit mark-ups; we have young start-ups in mind as much as our corporate clients. Feel free to talk to us.

Built by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs

We've made bread... now, we make FRIENDS


A company secretary is the most senior administrative officer of a company, and requires tact to ensure a company observes and implements all legal, financial and internal requirements and expectations of the company, and for the smooth coordination of activities of the board… We help you relax, and focus on growth.


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We have a beautiful bond with our clients

They choose us as much as we choose them

Fun fact: Over 80% of clients retain us for more than 18 months running






These values are core to the very purpose, nature and functioning of our company; without which we do not exist. We therefore take them very seriously; our entire leadership and staff subscribe to and adhere to these values.


An Indefatigable Management

Committed to Ensuring Work Gets Done

Lisa Wilson

Client Service & Marketing

As the first point of contact, manages our relationships with clients and handles our entire marketing strategy and team

Seth Owusu

Chief Secretary (GM)

Chief Secretary is our General Manager and HR. He ensures compliance in our Company Secretarial Services and more

Stephen Umborebe


Handles and monitors our finances, accounts and investments and advises the company on matters of finance

Isaac Jonah

Records & Estate

Maintains proper records and custody of company and client files and assets, confidentiality, and general office branding

Eugene Gyamfi

Communications Sec.

Team lead for our Writing & Presentation services including Reports, Business Plans and Presentations.

Samuella Sakyi

Business Sec.

Leads our Business Registrations, Company Secretarial and Virtual & Private Assistance teams and services.

Michael Sackey

PR & Media Sec.

Coordinates Social Media Management and PR services including events, media relations and brand image control

Noella Hayford

Partnerships Sec.

Builds and manages relations with other consultants to help our clients find more solutions and opportunities, wherever