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Registrations & Setups

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We'll Guide and assist you with

Business registration

There are four (4) main business types:

Sole Proprietorships

i.e. Business Name Registration. Suitable for single-owner small businesses e.g. traders, barbers, hairdressers etc.


Suitable for consulting firms like those of accountants, lawyers, architects, planners etc. with shared agreements and co-owners.


i.e. Company Limited by Shares. To allow multiple owners and/or directors, and where the business assumes a separate legal identity.


i.e. Company Limited by Guarantee. For organisations working for a cause with no intention to keep profits for themselves.

*Other forms of businesses or organisations may be registered including Unlimited Liability Companies, External Companies, Professional Bodies and Co-operatives.

Company registration cost includes:

Other forms of business registration include similar costs; form purchases, filing and agent fees, and delivery costs are common to all.

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Save Time & Money, 100% Assured of our Diligence

We’ll handle the entire registration process for you, so you only have to open your palm and receive your certificate, ready for business. Our team has lawyers and experienced entrepreneurs to also help you understand each option, their implications, and the best one in your case, if you need any advise.


We'll assist you with

A Complete Business Setup

Business Lines

We'll apply for business lines from the telecoms for you, and purchase and/or set up your phones with professional looking WhatsApp business profiles and all.

Corporate Bank Accounts

We'll help manage your application for corporate accounts from your favourite banks and also avoid common first-time mistakes and oversights.

Postal Address

We'll help you acquire a postal address which, even today, has numerous use cases from a legal, branding or business perspective.

Business Address

Whether you're a large company, SME or freelancer, we can help you secure and set up an office or business address suitable to your style and budget.

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Other Registrations
We Assist With

Intellectual Property Registrations

Product Certifications

Business Support Licences

For assistance with Personal Document (Birth, National, Marriage, Death, etc. Certificates/IDs), Travel Document (passport, visa, residence permit, etc.) or Regulatory Licence (Banking, Construction, Mining, Energy, Hotel etc.) registrations, you may book our Virtual or Private Assistants to help as we do not offer these as service packages. We may also connect you to consulting firms focusing on such areas.